Salshield® Mosipel™ N has been rigorously tested 'in the field', namely one of the most active regions in the world for flying insect pests.... the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe.

Our family tested the product during a hunting and fishing it was used extensively on kids too!

The product was tested in the depths of the African bush on elephant rides, as well as during morning and evening fishing trips around the banks of the Zambezi.

Salshield® Mosipel™ N moquito repellent was also put through its paces during the later evening during family barbeque's at the boat club just outside of the town of Victoria Falls.

We weren't bitten.... not once in two weeks!!!


Natural based mosquito and flying insect repellent
two cans of fizzy kids drink. One sprayed with Mosipel (left) the other without (right). Note the presence of bees around the untreated can.